I got interested in music at a very young age. My mother was a very good singer and she used to play records and sing around the house a lot when I was little. I was exposed to everything from 1940’s big band music to light operettas and church choir music. When I started school I loved singing in music class. I got a little toy Schroeder style piano for Christmas when I was about three and when I was in grade school I begged my mom and dad until they found an inexpensive piano and I started piano lessons. I took piano on and off for many years and in junior high school I started trombone (which I hated!) and I eventually settled on guitar. I loved the guitar because it could go anywhere with me unlike the piano and I could play chords on it unlike the trombone which of course only plays single notes. Guitar was the primary instrument of the main stream bands then too (60’s and 70’s). In high school I was in the chorus and got some theater singing experience in the musicals our school did every year. I also had two years of music theory which helped me tremendously in learning to change keys on songs and writing some of my own music. After high school I enlisted in the US Coast Guard but made sure my guitar went everywhere I did. I got to play in a music trio at one of my duty stations and wrote a couple of songs with them too. When I got married I put music aside for a few years while I was trying to advance my career as a computer specialist and raise my two sons. When they started growing a little I pulled my guitar back out, and did some plunking around on a Casio keyboard we had and my sons got interested in music too. My youngest son started piano lessons and excelled at learning to play and writing his own songs. Eventually we started playing together out at open mics around town. When he graduated high school he went to JMU to major in piano and while he was at college I started playing open mics solo. I eventually put together a sizable song list and started getting some gigs once in a while. I now have a lot of solo shows and a few ensemble shows under my belt and love to play for audiences in all kinds of settings. I sure hope to play for your venue soon!