Cultivated Mind is a reggae, dub, and jazz group from the Hampton Roads area of South Eastern Virginia that has been creating socially – conscious, high-energy, infectious roots and dub music since 2013. Formed by producer and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Brand, Cultivated Mind has grown over the years, producing multiple albums, EP’s, and collaborations with other East Coast artists and artists in Europe and Jamaica. The band rotates between an acoustic act and full band and can accommodate any size venue. Though mostly playing original music, Cultivated Mind’s concerts also often include medleys of old reggae classics, dub versions of classic rock and blues songs, and live jazz and flamenco improvisations. Cultivated Mind appreciates the constant love and support from our family, friends, and fans (The “Cultivators”), and we hope you take the time to explore and enjoy our discography on Spotify, iTunes, or our youtube channel. Bless and Love!