Fixity is an acoustic duo based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia featuring Bernie Lee and Sherri Linn who have been performing together since 2013. From time to time, they are joined by other musicians to form a trio, quartet and full band (Fixity3, Fixity4 and Fixity5). They play covers and original music that is best described as “Americana”, including mountain music, rock, folk, blues, bluegrass, 60s/70s, singer-songwriter, country and soul.

Bernie Lee (guitar, keys, vocals) has been performing professionally for 30 years and has played an integral part in several notable local music groups including Rare Daze, The Perpetrators (with Barbara Nesbitt), Chong Band and Bernie & The Jets. A music teacher by day and performer by night, Bernie has performed all over the United States as well as abroad in Europe.

Sherri Linn (vocals, guitar, tambourine) is a trained classical vocalist who broke into the local jam scene in 2009. She performs with Last Fair Deal (a Grateful Dead tribute band) and sits in with other local music groups when time allows, including Bernie & The Jets, and Roosterfoot. Sherri was a finalist in the 2017 Sea-Level Emerging Artist Contest for her original songs.

Other Fixity musicians include:
-Kyle Folsom, guitar and vocals (Woodwork, Last Fair Deal)
-Rob Lord, bass (Last Fair Deal, Woodwork)
-James Dale, drums (Chong Band, Woodwork, Last Fair Deal)