We’re the band that mixes Blink 182, Black Sabbath, and Eminem into our country songs. We’re the band that plays originals that you can sing along to before the song is even over. We have been known for our dope dancing skills as well as our versatile musical backgrounds. We love our groupies. We also like puppies. We don’t ever walk the line. We’re Runnin’ Shine.

Runnin’ Shine is one of Hampton Roads’ hottest new country acts! Playing together since February of 2015 the word is already on the streets about their originals as well as their blistering country covers. Runnin’ Shine is Janice Chandler on vocals and acoustic guitar, Richie Bohr on lead electric guitar, Bill Snow on drums and Jim Cahoon on the bass. Hailing from various hometowns and brought together by the love of country music, each player brings a powerful energy and a uniqueness to the band. Just like that jar your buddy has under the floorboard of his truck, Runnin’ Shine will hit you hard with a good time you won’t soon forget!